Postcard handmade experience + mail delivery set [watashino post office]

It's a time like this when it's hard to see each other.
Put your precious feelings into your handmade postcards.

*Due to popular demand, the event has been changed from Wednesday to every weekday!
You can experience making Japanese paper postcards using handmade tools and materials procured from Kochi, the home of Tosa Washi.
In addition, you can write a message to your loved ones on the dried postcard and send it to them.
Of course, you can take the blank postcard home and write at home.

Please feel free to drop by.

event date

*Reservation required by the day before
~February 2023
Mon-Fri 13:00-20:00 (Last start time 19:15)
*Sat day day Weekday , excluding holidays

March 2023~
Tuesday to Saturday 13:00-18:00 (last start time 17:15)
*DayExcluding weekdays, Mondays, and holidays

required time
about 45 minutes
Handmade paper experience : 15 minutes
Drying: 20 minutes
Message: 10 minutes
3,000 yen (+ tax)

* The price includes 4 postcards handmade + 63 yen stamp fee.


Contact us via the contact form or DM on Instagram.

  1. Workshop name "watashino post office"
  2. Preferred date and time to visit
  3. Number of visitors
  4. Names and ages of all participants
    (*Preparations for children will change)
  • Basically, you can participate empty-handed.
  • Writing utensils such as calligraphy pens, felt-tip pens, and pencils are available, but if you are particular about something or want to draw an illustration, please bring your own.
  • Please come in clothes that you don't mind getting wet, as it may get a little wet during the hand-making process.
  • If you want more than 5 sheets, we will accept it at an additional charge.
    • +500 yen for each additional piece (excluding tax)
  • If you don't have time, you can try the paper making experience.You can take it home as a blank sheet, or you can have the finished product delivered to your home.Please contact us.


Request for cooperation to prevent new coronavirus infection

This workshop is scheduled to be held after thoroughly implementing measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus and ensuring the safety of participants.

When visiting, please cooperate with measures against infectious diseases such as wearing a mask and alcohol disinfection when entering the store.


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