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Traditional Japanese Experience

WASHI Papermaking Experience


WASHI Papermaking Experience

Why not experience traditional Japanese culture? You can easily try your hand at making washi paper. How about making it a memory of your visit to Asakusa?

congratulations/gifts/special letters

Bringing the warmth of handwork to your loved ones

"watashino", which deals with Japanese paper miscellaneous goods handmade by Japanese paper craftsmen

Authentic hand-made Tosa Washi from Kochi has durability that can withstand 100 years of use and the warmth of handwork, making it a great gift for celebrations and gifts.

Papermaking experience workshops are held regularly at the shop and studio in Kanda, Tokyo.
[2 minutes walk from JR Kanda Station]

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You can easily experience papermaking with either one sheet of A3-sized washi paper or four postcard-sized washi paper. How about making a memory of your Asakusa visit?

You can easily experience papermaking to make one A3 size sheet of washi paper or four postcard size sheets of washi paper. How about making a memorable memory of your trip to Asakusa?

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