Notes for using the workshop and paper-making experience service
  • Consider wearing short sleeves or rollable clothes.
    Please wear short sleeves or clothes that you can roll up your sleeves.
  • Feel free to snap photos or videos during papermaking, as long as it doesn't disrupt other customers.
    Feel free to take photographs and videos during the papermaking process as long as it does not disturb other customers.
  • Cancellations accepted until 6:00 PM 2 days before reserved date (refund process takes a few days). No refunds for cancellations made after this point.
    Reservations can be cancelled up until 6pm on the day before the reservation date (refunds will be processed within a few days). Please note that cancellations made after this time will not be refunded.
  • Please change your reservation by contacting us through the inquiry form with your name, reservation time, and requested changes up to 2 days before the reservation date.
    If you wish to change the reservation date, time, or number of people, please contact us using the inquiry form at least two days prior to the reservation date. Please clearly indicate the following: 1) Your name when making the reservation, 2) The time of the reservation, and 3) Any changes.