Paper Alignment -shiawase-


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[Store limited product]
Choose 2 sheets from 100 types of Tosa Washi and stack them together to make your own.


By overlapping Japanese paper,
The unique color and texture of emerges.

100 sheets of Japanese paper are available, and can be combined in 10,000 ways.

Create your own work.

Free feelings and ideas
Enjoy the beauty of Japanese paper.

・2 pieces of L size Japanese paper of your choice
・Frame L / Solid Wood (Beach): Material/Glass
Choose from natural or white )

 It will be a specification to sandwich things between two pieces of glass.
 By making the margins transparent, you can enjoy creating a space with a sense of transparency and floating.

 Sogawa Wataru

 You can choose 2L size for +1,000 yen.
 Please contact us for more information.

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